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  • Lukas Dudenas

5 deadlift variations you can do to increase your deadlift total.

1. Deficit deadlifts

Increase the range of motion in the lift means you will work more and harder then ever before. Experiment with different deficits. Anywhere from a 2 cm height all the way up to standing on to a 20 kg bumper plate and a 10 cm deficit.

2. Paused deadlifts

This alone has variations in itself from a single paused deadlift to a double or some times triple paused deadlift. Mid shin is usually a great place to start. Pause for 2 seconds and drive those hips to lock the bar out. This will reinforce your back strength and lockout.

3. Snatch grip deadlifts

Why this variations, simply because we can all do with a little more strength in our upper backs. Going wider with your hands will challenge your upper back and lats to work harder and get stronger.

4. Sumo/ Conventional deadlift

If you pull sumo you will benefit from the conventional deadlift and vice versa. Each deadlift has a different demand on leverages, muscles and strength so naturally using one as an accessory is a smart move.

5. Block deadlift

I love a good block deadlift, but too many gym bros load up a rack and do half rep lockout deadlifts calling them block deadlifts. No in most cases a block does not need to be that high. A good place to start is a 10 kg bumper plate so about a 5 cm block if you will. Its enough to challenge your position and develop lockout, without sacrificing too much range of motion on the pull.

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