• Lukas Dudenas

5 ways to squat more.

Continuing the theme of ways to develop your lifts, we have covered the bench press and the deadlift and ways to get stronger in those.

So naturally the squat is next.

Now I myself have a decent squat, always working towards a bigger number and making sure I work on technical efficiency. Squatting is probably the hardest of the 3 lifts that I find, purely from the mental aspect of having such a huge weight on my back.

1. Squat more

As mentioned before the more you do a movement pattern the greater the skill practice is. The more often you squat the better the movement becomes. You don't always have to squat heavy, but squatting more than once a week can be a great way to develop a smoother squat and better technique.

2. Use variations

Variations are awesome, we can use them in many different ways, they bring out weak areas that need development and can always help us work around injuries. With the squat there are a plethora of different ways to vary, from stance width, hand placement to high bar, low bar or even using a barbell such as the SSB bar.

3. Find the squat pattern that suits you

It takes a lot of work to find out the most optimal position for yourself in the squat. The easiest fix I tend to see is a low bar style squat with a barbell placement of a high bar. Causing the person to not hit depth, use the actual legs to squat and it becomes a weird good morning/ hip leaning forward flexion movement. Experiment, find the stance, hand placement and bar position that works for you.

4. Do your accessories

I myself am guilty of this one. I need to do more single leg stuff, I should stop skipping out on the leg press and work on my weaker areas. Its easy to say that you have done your main lifts it took you an hour and now you can go home. Its hard I get it, but we need those accessories to get us stronger, keep us healthy and doing the main work alone will not get you the results you want.

5. Learn to brace

I'm just going to link this awesome video by Meg squat, she explains it far better then I would in text format.