• Lukas Dudenas

9 Bodyweight push-up variations you should try at home.

With the lockdown still keeping us mostly homebound. Push-ups have become a regular staple of our daily routines, but what if you want to progress or try something new. Here are some different variations you can try with barely any equipment needed.

Knee push-ups

The most basic form of a pushing movement and one that is a great starter. Once you are able to do a few sets of 10 to 12 reps fairly comfortably it might be the time to start progressing them to an incline push up.

Incline push up

For this one, you will need some equipment. Your couch or even a futon will do. Working your way the full press up the next step is the incline push up.

Regular push up

The most common bodyweight exercise right now probably. Its a great upper body strength exercise and one you can progress with.

Decline Push up

Now if you are looking for a slight change a bit more difficulty, decline push-ups are great.

Diamond Push up

This is where we are starting to get a little more advanced with our push-ups. This one adds a lot more work to your shoulders and triceps.

Sliding Push up

For this one, you will need a sliding floor or possibly a floor slider. These are great way to add some shoulder work to your push-ups.

One leg up push up

Learning to control your core and hips while having one leg raised not only makes this harder but leads into our next progression.

Clap push up

Plyometrics are a great way to increase the difficulty of your exercises. Clapping push-ups are a great example of this. They require explosive chest muscles and a tight core.

One arm push up

You ever watch rocky and in that scene when he is just repping them out. I grew up wishing I could do one. I'll be honest I have never tried one until recently and it turns out I could do a few decent reps. Definitely one of the hardest variations out there.

Which variations is your favourite and why? Let me know.

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