• Lukas Dudenas

Getting over a fat loss plateau

This will take into account that you have been tracking calories for more than 1 week, you have some sort of energy expenditure in your lifestyle. So this can be a gym session or two, general walking or other forms of physical activity.

So your weight drop has stalled and you are unsure of what to do. Lucky for you there are only like a billion reasons why this may happen. I will try to list the few most common ones and things we can do to hopefully get you back on track.

Firstly lets talk calories. A good part of the time people stop losing bodyfat ( we will measure this unit as dropping overall body weight on the scale) is because their calories reported are estimates and not accurate therefore they consume more calories than they should. Easy to miss calories can be as simple as the difference between your coffee. Get a little more control over your food, try to measure out exact portions this way you will get a more accurate reading of your intake.

Are you entering your exercise into your tracking app. One of the first rookie mistakes we all make is enter our data, select activity levels and set our goal. After this once we exercise we let the app track our steps, add a workout we did and somehow managed to get an extra 500 calories for the day. Happy days right?! Well not really as those 500 calories are no longer your deficit. You are now most likely in a calorie surplus ( weight gain calorie mark). To stop this from happening select an appropriate activity level, now most of us will be either lightly active or not at all. This is accounting for any exercise you do in the week so there is no need to manually add extra exercise in and gain calories. Also turn your step tracking calories off.

Last but not least, you may simply need to increase the total deficit to get the weight moving down again. This can be done by either reducing your calories or increasing the calorie expenditure. Now usually I try not to reduce calories too often as I prefer to get people moving more. This can be as simple as taking someone from 5 k steps daily to 8 k steps daily. Over the course of 7 days thats an extra 15 k steps and it may just be enough to get things going if not. We look at doing a specific light intensity cardio day set for a calorie goal. So say you get on the treadmill put on a TV show you like and set a goal for 300 to 500 calories. This way you have made the effort to increase your energy expenditure and should get over the plateau.

Just don't be this guy and do these at the gym.