• Lukas Dudenas

How to keep motivated during the lockdown

COVID-19 and lockdown is an essential part of life right now and something we are all struggling with. Days feel long, unproductive and the motivation to exercise is at an all-time low. Even for me.

Truth be told, I have been struggling with motivation. Normally, I live in the gym, and I have for the last 5 years. That is where I spend most of my days. However, I have been working on making a change to my day to break the feeling of total isolation.

Here are some ideas you can try out as well.


As simple as it sounds, a routine can make or break your day. Think about it. From the moment you get up, do you grab your phone and browse social media in bed? Or do you get up and smash a 5k while everyone is asleep? I'll admit I am the latter. Lately, it's been me in bed and my partner smashing out 5ks before the crack of dawn. This is where having a routine is essential. It forces you to do the same thing over and over again without allowing your brain to say ''5 more minutes'' or hitting the snooze button.

My point is - You need to set a goal.

You don't have to start at such drastic measures in the beginning. Start small, maybe set a bedtime routine. Such as aiming to get to bed by 22:00. Build that and progress slowly. It's just like exercise and the term linear periodization we gradually increase your load over time and you get stronger.


You don't need a gym to stay fit. Just like you don't need to risk chances of getting people sick by going to a playground to do pull-ups with a group of friends. There are plenty of things you can do with your body weight at home, in your garden or with your partner (check out how many calories you can burn during sex here). Anything from 10 thousand steps, to doing a home ab workout can be a great way to increase your endorphin output and put you in a better mood, thus increasing your motivation and productivity. Check out my latest post on some quick home workout ideas here.


Keeping each other accountable can be a great way to make sure not only are you motivated but you push yourself a little more. I find using apps like step trackers or food logs and tracking with my friends to see who has more steps or if they have logged more days. It can be a great incentive to make me want to work harder. Make a competition out of it with your friends. Somewhat social, right?

It also doesn't need to be exercise-related to. You could set up a Snapchat or Facebook group and keep each other accountable with a daily log of healthy homemade dinners. This will keep you inspired to make the effort to cook healthy homemade meals daily.

Do you have any good tips for keeping motivated during these corona times?

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