• Lukas Dudenas

How to train and exercise safely with COVID-19

Remember to always check out your local government's recommendations regarding exercise and COVID-19.

Before we get into the article here are some reasons why exercise is important during a pandemic.

  • Exercise boosts your immune system

  • Exercise helps create a caloric deficit which helps you maintain/ lose body fat

  • Exercise has been shown to boost your mood and relieve stress

  • Exercise improves your sleep quality

That being said here are a few tips on how to get the most out of your training with limited equipment and space.

Start slow

Chances are it has been a long time since you have exercised. You might be considering taking up more running or going to the local park to test out the pull-up bars. Both of those are great options. Just remember there is no shame in walking your first run.

Outdoor equipment

If you are lucky enough to have access to a local park with pull-up bars or maybe one of those outdoor gyms. Then you are more fortunate than the rest. I won't go into much detail about using your common sense to wipe machines, keep distance and try not to bunch up too much. What I would recommend is alternating training days. Where one day is spent using such equipment and the other is spent running or cycling. This way you are reducing your risk of transmitting or catching anything by half.

There is plenty you can still do at home

Majority of my workouts have been at home. Even though the restrictions are a little more lose now, I have still spent most of my workouts away from people and equipment. Just kept it simple with bodyweight and low rest times. It's not as fun, but it helps reduce the risk and get the job done.