• Lukas Dudenas

Powerlifting, meet day nutrition.

Before we start this will be based on a powerlifting meet where the weigh in is done a few hours before the comp.

So lets get started...


Meet day you want to keep fuelled for the lifts, but also do not want to end up like this.

Typically once you weighed in you have a spare hour or two before the warm ups start so you can have some food. This should be a fairly standard breakfast you stick with. Remember meet day is not the time to be trying out new and weird foods. So please stick to food you know your body is used to and will not give you an upset stomach.

A typical breakfast can be anything from a bowl of oats with any kind of milk or water and protein powder. Or like some people you can head down to your local cafe ( or McDonald's) and grab a bite to eat. Once again these are just suggestion, if you are the kind of person who prefers to have an apple as your breakfast or even skip breakfast, then maybe sticking to routine will be your most beneficial choice.

Fuelling the competition

As the day goes and your warm ups start you want to have a few basic good groups with you for the day. Carbs, sodium and protein. We tend keep fat at a fairly low intake purely because it can take longer to digest and can make you feel sick especially when you are doing your third attempt and the belt is really tight around your tummy. Easiest choices for carbs and sodium are going to be things like rice cakes, sour candy, pop tarts, Gatorade, red bull and monster energy drinks. These are just a few basic examples. You want the food to be light so you can eat a few bites get a quick energy release and not feel full.

Depending on the day, how well the meet is ran and the number of people on your flight, your times to eat may vary. A fast ran comp, may only give you a 10 minute window before you have to do your second attempt. On the other hand there are longer days where you may have a whole hour to eat before you lift again. Keep this in mind and always have more food then you will need for the day.


If you consume caffeine on a regular basis then use that as your tool for the day. During a competition you may choose to use any alternative methods for caffeine consumption, from pills to small shots of red bull. Keep it only for when you need it and try not to over consume it. Purely because you don't want any accidents during a lift.


Keeping yourself hydrated throughout the day is paramount, you will be working hard sweating a lot from the arm ups, lifting and nerves. Make sure to keep water topped up as well have some sort of electrolyte drink. General rule of thumb a 2 liter water bottle with a few cans of monster tend to be enough.


Keep food simple and try to avoid new food groups. Keep general carbs simple and do not stuff your face full. Caffeine is going to be your best friend alongside the competition day adrenaline. Keep water topped up, not only will it help you fill out your weight class, but make sure you don't end up cramping up when lifting.