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The progress Henrik has made is incredible. The difference between the two pictures is around 10 months. That is 10 months of hard training, eating in a caloric deficit and lockdown. With planned diet brakes, heavy lifting we managed to shift over 30kg in fat between the old him and the new. The biggest change was going from an XL wardrobe to a medium and small in some clothes. 

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Jon came to me with a goal of losing some body fat and getting a little leaner. He did not expect the results we achieved over our 12 week period of training. He is a part-time student and has a part-time job. In order to balance training into his already packed schedule, we had to make sure that every session was efficient and completed to his best ability. 

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This is my own personal transformation completed over 12 weeks. Where I set a goal to compete in a lighter category for a powerlifting competition. I went from 85kg to 73.4 at my lightest. Shaving the chest hair was probably the hardest part of this.

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Daniel came to me with one goal. To get stronger. He had an interest in powerlifting and wanted to pursue getting stronger. We set some goals and got to work. In the 4 months, he lost 15kg of body fat and hit some massive lifts with a 115kg squat, 60kg bench press and 120kg deadlift.



Simen started out with one goal. To get leaner. Eating a plant-based diet we tailored his training and nutrition just for that goal. 12 weeks later we were 10kg of fat down and stronger than ever. Lifting over bodyweight in some exercises. Balancing training alongside studying and work was a challenge, but we made sure to plan ahead and have systems set up to make it easier. 

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Inger started out her journey by making very small changes over a 4 month period. It started out with small nutritional changed like making lunch for work and aiming to hit 10 thousand steps daily. We then set up some short term goals she could fit around her commute in London to maximise her progress.  Over the course of 6 months, she lost over 16kg in body fat

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Working in the city with a very busy schedule CK made the time to fit our personal training sessions early in the morning before work or later in the day. Not only did he lose over 10kg in body fat, but he also took up running. He enjoyed running so much he took on the Paris marathon and completed it.

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Running his own company and travelling a lot, made things much more challenging for Paul. We had to plan for business trips. Spontaneous work dinners and alcohol consumption. First things we set in place were steps he could apply to plan his nutrition like making smarter choices. 11 weeks later and 6kg down he is a changed man.


I've just finished working with Lukas and I had a great time. I've learnt so much about training, diet and fitness, and have progressed so far in the two months we've had together. Lukas himself is warm, enthusiastic and very knowledgeable so if you are considering a personal trainer I would highly recommend him.